5 Reasons to buy handmade.

5 Reasons to buy handmade.

Here are 5 Reasons to buy handmade. 


1. So unique!

Unlike mass-produced gifts, handmade items are unique and usually made to order specifically for the customer

2. Good for the environment! Say whaaaa!!

 Most handmade don't require polluted factories or large ensembly production systems. Most are made in smaller studios or within homes.

3. Direct contact with the Maker!

 That's right, no annoying automated machines, bots named LucY or 3rd country call centres. It's is all about that personal service.

4. You're keeping crafters and designers Alive... Literally!

Sounds dramatic, but everytime you support us, our craft and skills stay relevant and strengthens the cause for more handmade businesses

5. Handmade withstands the time and timeless

 Remember those days, when you bought something and it lasted for a very long time? Most handmade items are made to last and on trend



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