How to get your creative mojo back, even after feeling totally uninspired.

How to get your creative mojo back, even after feeling totally uninspired.

1. Grace and Space!

 First and foremost give yourself GRACE.

 Creativity cannot be forced. Maybe things have changed for you, situations HAVE happened or issues have got in the way. Whatever it is give yourself grace and space to process it all.


2. Remember your WHY.

 You may have heard a lot about your being so important-It totally is! Do you know sometimes passion isn't enough to drive you!

 Passions often change but it's your that is the real commitment here. Let your re-ENERGISE you again and lead you back to your love of creating.


3. Are you multi passionate?

 Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by all these ideas you don't know where to Start?? Having way too many ideas can actually physically stop you flowing and making real progress.

Note all your ideas down for sure, but then choose just one! Start and stick with it until complete.


4. Stalk someone that inspires you!

 Just joking, don't stalk but definitely watch others that inspire you... This could be online, offline or in person.. (watch another creative, go to craft fairs, Shows, events, listen to Ted talks etc) .

 Get those creative juices flowing with the help of other people's inspiration.


5. Speak to someone.

 Choose this person carefully... sometimes it won't be your family and sometimes it won't be your friends! Either way choose someone you can speak openly too..

 Negative Nancy won't help you!

 You want the person to ask you the right questions so that you can make the right decision and move forward.


6. Check your inner peace.

This is real important. Are you feeling frustrated, unhappy, angry, hurt about something or someone ?

 This definitely leads to feeling uninspired. Analyse your feelings and again give yourself some time to work through those emotions; heal, self Care, and self love.

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