Ebony Cross- My Journey

 Like many others, I started my entrepreneurial journey with a burning passion for creating beautiful things. In my case, it was handmade luxury bags. But here's the twist: I was also juggling a demanding 9-5 job and on top of that, started in the most uncertain time, being COVID -19. 

I knew that God had given me a creative gift and purpose in life and it was my responsibility to trust Him and take the leap. So nights turned into early mornings, and weekends became my creative sanctuary.

With sheer determination, faith and a drive to turn my dreams into reality, I embarked on this adventure, one stitch at a time- literally!

The journey wasn't always glamorous or easy. It was a delicate dance between meetings and sewing machines, deadlines and design sketches. But every late night and sacrifice was worth it. With each bag I crafted, I poured my heart and soul into creating a piece of art that exuded elegance and quality. Slowly but steadily, my business gained traction, and word-of-mouth spread.

I've created bags for women all over the world including US, Caribbean, Europe and the UK. Today, I proudly stand as a testament that it's possible to turn your passion into a thriving business, even while working a full-time job.


 (Just a handful of my customers)

It wasn't an overnight success story, but the journey has been incredibly rewarding, teaching me resilience, time management, and the importance of following my dreams. I'm on a journey to help others connect to their God given talents, reach success and use their creative skills to make a thriving business. We have been given dominion over our talents and it's up to us to fulfil that truth and be a service to  others.